There is something about making something with your own hands. To us, it is often a way to escape and sure enough becomes a form of therapy when we are able to dive right in. We love that we have a space that we can share and welcome others to experience what we get to everyday.




For those looking to get some dirt under their nails, our DIY (do-it-yourself) bar is just the place for you. Whether you are wanting to pot a single plant or build an arrangement for you or a pal, our DIY bar is a great resource for that. From the pots to the plants, the soil to the moss, we've got everything that you need including written instructions. The DIY bar is available on a first come, first serve basis during our normal store hours and offers seating for up to 4 guests.  The cost associated with potting your own plant or building an arrangement is based on what you actually pot or build. We offer a vast selection of plants and pots and one is sure to find something that fits within their budget.

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Our workshops are here to give those an opportunity to get their hands dirty in a classroom style setting.  Opening up our space to share our knowledge and experience with others allows us the opportunity to create unique experiences.  Our workshops range from educational to seasonal crafts focusing on both plants and florals. In order to keep an intimate learning environment, workshops are always limited to a certain number of guests.  Prices vary based on topics and registration is always required.

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We love sharing our space for private groups and gatherings.  Whether you are looking for a girls night out, planning a small celebration or wanting to host a team building workshop, we'd love to be a part of it.  Private instructor-led workshops start at $35 per person. We can also set up simple DIY bars, both on and offsite. Either way, we would love to explore the opportunity of customizing an experience just for you.  Oh and with Stitch Cafe being our roomies, food and beverage options are a breeze.