The Plant Shoppe is more than just a plant shop.  Its the place to find a curated selection of indoor plants, pots and accessories.  Its the place to call when you need to send that pal a pick-me-up. Its the place you go to dirty them hands-on date night.  Its the place you gather at to celebrate life's moments. Our brick and mortar sits right on the corner of West Sheridan and Fred Jones avenues on the west end of Film Row.  Our team is constantly on the go and you'll likely see us out hosting workshops or watering plants at some of our favorite OKC spots. We love what we do and we love serving our city through our love of plants and florals.





A born and raised Okie girl whose passion for creating, a desire to make something her own and an infatuation with the desert and all its plant life led her to opening the Plant Shoppe in 2013.  Teaching herself everything that she knows about plants, floral and what it means to run a business, Jen has managed to find a place and a purpose within the Oklahoma small local business scene.  She is constantly trying to find ways to serve the community, her team and the city better by curating unique experiences and a warm gathering place for all to enjoy.  When Jen is not at the shoppe (or working behind the scenes), you can most likely find her being a mom and wife, spending time with all of her family and making plans for that next travel destination. 



A Fort Worth, Texas girl whose personal plant obsession led her to seek opportunity at the Plant Shoppe.  Lauren has been with the shoppe since November of 2016 and has become one of the most knowledgeable plant nerds in OKC.  She is self-taught, learning from her own experiences and is always willing to share her knowledge with anyone who wants to learn and listen.  When Lauren is not at the shoppe, you can most likely find her hanging with her family and fur babies or shopping for the next cool plant to add to her own collection.




A southeastern Oklahoma girl from Atoka whose love for flowers stemmed from the memories spent in her parent's garden growing up.  Heather has been with the shoppe since May of 2018 and continues to freelance for weddings and special events across the United States.  She is always challenging her creativity, pushing the limits in floral design and enjoys sharing her passion with others.  When Heather is not at the shoppe, you can most likely find her hangin with her sidekick, Marley, chillin with her closest friends or out and about in the OKC local scene.